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Electricista con ingles comunicativo -

Ubicación: Rotterdam, The Netherland


Ciudad: Rotterdam, Países Bajos

La tarifa desde: 12 € - 14,5 € brutos según la experiencia.

Requisitos: inglés comunicativo.

Duración del empleo: mínimo 6 meses.

Job Description (responsibilities requirements)

• The installation lighting, data (CAT 5/6), security, power, control and low-voltage installations.

• Construction in an office-environment, residential or industrial.

• The search and rectification of faults of the above installations.

• Making business ends.

• Incorporating boxes.

• The construction of tube installations.

• Placing central and final boxes.

• The pulling and / or laying of wire and cable.

• The assembly of various gutter systems.

• Assembly and connection of group cabinets, distribution devices and control cabinets.

• The assembly of sockets, lighting points and distribution boxes.

• The connection of sensors and valves for control systems.

• Connecting control boxes.

• Panel construction.

Production process details:

You’ll be working with an experienced electrician who will be in charge of a group of employees.

Daily activity description:

All electrical installations for residential and non-residential constructions.

Additional information:

A Skype interview will be part of the procedure.